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Life After Divorce: How to Blend Families and Custody Arrangements

Life After Divorce: How to Blend Families and Custody Arrangements Many partners who have finalized divorce proceedings, might look at remarrying. We take a look at how to blend families and navigate custody arrangements. The U.S. crude divorce rate is 2.5. To finalize a divorce marks the end of one chapter but also paves the way […]

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining Primary Custody in a Divorce?

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining Primary Custody in a Divorce? When considering if primary custody is the right option for your family, there are key points to consider. We look at the factors influencing this decision. There’s no getting around it: children often suffer when parents get divorced. Most experts recommend being on the […]

Consultation Checklist: Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Consultation Checklist: Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney You’re ready to consult a divorce lawyer but want to be fully prepared for the consultation. Don’t worry. Here are the top questions to ask a divorce attorney. Embarking on a divorce journey can be emotionally and legally complex. As you prepare to consult with a family […]

What Are the Benefits of Primary Physical Custody?

Child custody is often fraught with emotional conflict. This guide takes a closer look at some of the legal benefits of primary physical custody. After a divorce in the U.S., the child lives primarily with mom (65%), both parents equally (25%), or dad (10%). These numbers offer a general picture, but every family is different. Lots of […]

Important Divorce Terms to Know and Understand

Many divorce terms have an important bearing on your case and can have a material impact on your life. Discover some of the key terms and what they mean. No matter the reason, going through a divorce is typically a messy and painful experience for both sides. According to recent statistics, approximately 689,308 divorces occurred in the […]

What Is an Uncontested vs Contested Divorce?

Very few separations are simple and straightforward. We unpack some of the key legal and strategic differences between an uncontested vs contested divorce. Each year, 689,308 American couples divorce. Navigating the complexities of divorce terms can be overwhelming for you and your family. However, it doesn’t have to be. By understanding the nuances between an uncontested and […]

7 Signs You Need to Hire a Guardianship Lawyer

When you first have children with your partner, you never imagine that one day you will end up in an emotionally charged battle to ensure the well-being of the children involved. But that’s what child custody disputes are all about.  When faced with challenges in reaching agreements with a co-parent or when concerns about the […]

How to Start a Divorce Process in North Dakota

To divorce, either spouse should initiate the legal process. Get instructions to start a divorce process in North Dakota here. Getting a divorce is never easy, but it can be transformative and, in some cases, even a safety necessity. An example is when there’s abuse or domestic violence involved. In North Dakota, nearly 30% of women […]

Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Divorce?

The divorce process is a complicated affair that is often done with help from attorneys. Do I need lawyer to file for divorce? Find the answer here. Divorce takes second place as one of life’s most stressful events. Holding the number one spot is moving house. Ironically, at least one or both parties move during a […]

When Should You Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Are you familiar with hiring a divorce attorney? Learn when to contact a professional lawyer for your claim in this breakdown. Marriage is hard. It takes a lot of work and commitment. You might struggle with things like childcare, commitment, and more as the years go on. How do you know when it’s time to give […]