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Wills, Trusts and Healthcare Directives

Estate planning isn’t just for the rich. Most individuals would benefit from at least having a simple will and basic healthcare directive. Save your loved ones the stress of managing your estate with the aid of Heartland Law Office PC.

As an estate planning attorney, Patrick Waters will listen to you and understand what is truly important. Then you will work together using different estate planning tools and options to choose the best strategy for you and your family.
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Common Estate Planning Terms

Complex family situations

People who have children from multiple marriages or other complex family relationships can use their will to ensure their assets end up where they want them to. A will can also prevent potential disputes and fighting over assets after your passing.
Power of attorney
Power of attorney is usually assigned when an individual needs to be represented by another individual in legal matters. You may be assigned power of attorney by a parent so you can handle their business matters on their behalf.
Guardianship and conservatorship
These tools are used when an adult requires assistance with their financial matters, due to physical or mental limitations.

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Creating and executing an estate plan can be complex, but it all starts with a simple conversation. You won’t be overwhelmed by financial and legal jargon when you work with Patrick Waters and Heartland Law Office.

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Call for a Case Evaluation

Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.