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Focusing on Local Tribal Law

When it comes to matters of tribal law, you want to work with an attorney that is well-versed in the local laws of North Dakota. Very specific knowledge of Native American tribes is required to practice in this area of the law. Patrick Waters of Heartland Law Office PC has more than 12 years of experience working in tribal law.

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Our Areas of Practice for Tribal Law

Complex family situations
People who have children from multiple marriages or other complex family relationships can use their will to ensure their assets end up where they want them to. A will can also prevent potential disputes and fighting over assets after your passing.
Power of attorney
Power of attorney is usually assigned when an individual needs to be represented by another individual in legal matters. You may be assigned power of attorney by a parent so you can handle their business matters on their behalf.
Guardianship and conservatorship
These tools are used when an adult requires assistance with their financial matters, due to physical or mental limitations.

Unique Tribal Law Cases

Jurisdictional issues
Tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction from encroachment are specialized issues that may apply to tribal law. This can involve litigation, tax issues and intergovernmental agreements.
Land issues
Opportunities to do business on tribal lands have risen, leading to land issues requiring an attorney. This may include determining boundaries and reservations owned by tribal nations.
Tribal courts
Many tribes possess their own court systems, which carry their own unique regulations.
Employee and personal issues
Our practice can also focus on ensuring our Native American clients are receiving sound HR practices to prevent workplace issues.
Insurance policies
Due to the complexities of insurance policies, issues can develop that make it difficult to get your claims paid out.
Compliance issues
When tribes enter into agreements with state or county government, the terms must be carefully negotiated to ensure this agreement respects the tribe’s customs and traditions.

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Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.

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Call for a Case Evaluation

Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.