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Legal Guardianship

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What is Guardianship?

A legal guardian or guardianship gives an individual the authority to take care of another person as their primary caregiver. It is important to understand that guardianship differs from custody, as guardianship is more limited in making long-term decisions for a child.

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Reasons for Guardianship

If the parents are incapacitated in any way, a guardianship may be necessary. In some instances involving individuals that are incapacitated, a guardianship may be considered for an adult’s well-being.

Types of Guardianship

General guardian
In this case, the guardian is responsible for decisions in all aspects of their ward’s life, ensuring they have a place to live, food to eat, proper clothing and other necessities. This includes medical treatment, schooling, vocational opportunities and other related services.
Limited guardian
A limited guardian only has authority over specific areas of their ward’s life, such as financial or residential.
Emergency or temporary guardian
An emergency or temporary guardian may be appointed in situations where immediate action is required to prevent any harm to the ward. This cannot be in effect longer than 90 days and only has the authority identified by the court.

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Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.