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Family Law and Divorce

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Guidance Through the Difficulties of Divorce

Divorce is not an easy decision but sometimes it is the correct one. At Heartland Law Office PC, we can help you navigate through the difficult process of divorce. Each divorce is unique and has its own challenges. Our goal is to work together with you towards the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Dividing assets, agreeing on financial support and determining custody of children can complicate a divorce quickly. At the start of the process, we will discuss expectations and a timeline for the process. The key is to know what issues to compromise on as well as which to stand your ground on.

We believe that unjustified conflict is expensive, both financially and emotionally, and unfortunately will only prolong the process. If you are considering filing for divorce, contact our family owned law firm for a case evaluation.

Steps of the Divorce Process

  1. Filing for divorce or responding to your spouse’s filing
  2. Temporary orders to determine financial matters and shared custody
  3. Dividing assets and debt, as well as agreeing to financial arrangements and a shared custody plan (if necessary)
  4. Court approval of the divorce agreement

Understanding Shared Custody

Here in North Dakota, shared custody is determined by the best interests of the minor children. Our firm will work to create a plan that specifically defines the shared responsibilities of both parents. The following issues are taken into consideration when determining custody:
  • Each parent’s work schedule and availability
  • The primary living space of each parent following the divorce
  • Where the children currently go to school
  • Determining which parent will be responsible for extracurricular activities

Trustworthy Legal Representation

When searching for a divorce attorney, you may often see the term “aggressive representation.” At Heartland Law Office, we lead with honesty and set reasonable expectations. There are state-mandated guidelines about divorce that are required for the courts to approve and finalize.
Call (701) JUSTICE for a case evaluation Same-day appointments may be available, depending on our schedule.

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Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.

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Call for a Case Evaluation

Trust an experienced attorney with a track record of winning.